Coat of Arms Wokingham Coat Of Arms

The Granting of The Arms
The Arms were granted to the former Borough of Wokingham in 1953, Coronation Year. At a special court held at Windsor Castle on 16 April 1975, Queen Elizabeth II authorised by Order of Council, that the Armorial Bearings were to be “lawfully borne and used” by Wokingham Town Council.

The Arms consist of:

Proper Heraldic Description

“Blazon or Semee of Acorns Vertt, a Chevron Ermine thereon a Tudor Rose barbed and seeded proper and for the Crest, Issuant from a Saxon Crown Or, a demi-stag at gaze proper supporting a Crozier Or.”

Wokingham Motto

E Glande Quercus - “from the acorn, the oak.”

Wokingham Song

“E Glande Quercus”

From the acorn grows the oak, around our forest town;
Once king and bishop hunted here with crozier and crown.
But loosed of service ties, by Charter from the King;
The burgesses and alderman their freedom welcoming.
The chevron and the rose, the Berkshire stag so rare,
All make the arms of Wokingham a badge we proudly share.
So children of the town join with the common folk,
And through “E Glande Quercus” sing “from acorn grows the oak”.

Roy Lillington