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Wokingham has established Town Twinning links, as indicated on the Town entrys road signs. Erftstadt is about 20 miles South-East of Cologne and is a collection of towns in the North Rhein-Westfalen district including Liblar, Lechenich and others. Viry-Châtillon is about 25 miles south of central Paris, just off the A6 auto route to the south of France.

Wokingham Town Twinning Association develops, promotes, and continues these linkss with the Town Mayor as its Honorary President.

The Town Twinning Association works to arrange a) regular social events in and around Wokingham, and b) introductions between interested leisure clubs and societies.

2017 was the 40th year of twinning with Erftstadt and the 29th with Viry-Châtillon. /span>

The advent of cheap City Breaks by holiday companies in recent years which does not involves reciprocal hosting has affected the popularity of Town Twinning across the whole country. This, in turn, has seriously impacted the viability of exchange visits to Viry-Châtillon ands Erftstadt. To a lesser extent both of our Twin Towns have suffered similar decreases in membership. Reluctantly, the Wokingham Town Twinning Association has decided to cease group exchanges buts to continue to encourage private visits and exchanges with our twins. Where possible, the WTTA social events in and around Wokingham will continue.

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