Some Frequently Asked Questions About WTTA
What Is It?
Twinning enables members of local communities to forge relationships with towns throughout Europe and the World. Wokingham is twinned with Viry Châtillon in France and Erftstadt in Germany, who in turn are twinned with each other, creating a three way link.

Who Is It For?
Anyone who is interested! People of all ages and walks of life who are interested in making new friends in Wokingham and in our twin towns. The Association also encourages other societies, clubs and groups to contact their counterparts in the twin towns. Many successful exchanges have resulted.

What Is Involved?
Annual trips to both Viry-Châtillon and Erftstadt with return visits to Wokingham from Viry-Châtillon and Erftstadt. A full programme of activities and social events is planned throughout the year.

What Will It Cost Me?
Obviously, you have to pay your own transport costs but the association endevours to take advantage of group travel discounts and to arrange the cheapest method of travel dependent on the number in the group. In the spirit of twinning exchange hospitality is normally given on a reciprocal basis and payment is only given in exceptional circumstances. If, as rarely happens, you do not hit it off with your first hosts or visitors, don't worry. There's no binding commitment and the Assocation will be more than happy to try again on your behalf.

How Do I Get To Know A French Or German Family?
Easy! The simplest way is to join one of the trips run by the Twinning Association. The Association will do their best to match your family and any special requirements, e.g. non-smokers, age group, number of children etc. Alternatively you can offer hospitality when a group from Erftstadt or Viry-Châtillon visit Wokingham.

Must I Speak French Or German?
Not necessarily, but your friendship might be more satisfying if you can. English is, however, widely spoken in both France and Germany especially amongst young people. There are German and French language courses available locally, and the Anglo-German and Anglo-French clubs are an ideal venue for practising your linguistic skills and learning more about French and German culture.